Thursday, January 10, 2008


40 minutes on the trainer tonight, average heart rate, 176 BPM. Suffice to say, I got sweaty.

And to my cycling friends, there's a good series by Joe Lindsey of on his blog, Boulder Report. He's been undergoing a professional fitting session on the bike (kinda like getting fitted for a suit, right down to the fussy men with measuring tape). Money quote from today's blog:

"A stationary trainer is about the most uncomfortable ride you'll ever have....The corollary to this is that if you can get a position that's comfortable on a trainer, it'll probably be even better on the road."
Amen, brother. Now if you'll excuse me, my butt hurts.

Spin easy, friends.


Such-Great-Heights said...

Good to hear! I was actually just going to write a post about saddle time and how I think I have finally found my "magic gears" that everyone talks about.

I'm on this training plan that Kim picked out for me....and needless to say, I am racking up the miles.

The savior: Chamois Butt'r.

Ahhhhh...that feels nice.

Its dangerous business walking... said...

hahaha rock.on
extra period.

Such-Great-Heights said...

Thinking about raising my saddle a hint....don't know why, but just have an inkling I should. What do you think?