Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More lies Exposed (And Iowa State is in the movie! We're SO proud...)

Seems like some of the "students" portrayed in the Creationist liars' film Exposed WERE NOT STUDENTS AT ALL.

Pssst...they were hired extras.

That's right. Go to Scientific American and read this great piece (link updated for single-page view) by Michael Schermer, the author of their "Skeptic" column. And remember, Schermer is a recovering creationist. His money quote:

"It is perfectly okay to question Darwinism (or any other "-ism" in science), as long as there is a way to test your challenge. Intelligent design creationists, by contrast, have no interest in doing science at all."

Bravo, sir.

Remember, there's an old line about a lie getting around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on. But the truth DOES get out, and is just as long-lasting to those who keep it alive.
Update: Our beloved Iowa State University here in Ames is apparently part of the controversy, for allegedly denying astronomy professor Guillermo Gonzalez tenure for his creationist beliefs. Sounds to me like he just lost his edge.
Update pt. 2: now they're in hot water for copyright infringement. No intelligence allowed, indeed.

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