Sunday, June 22, 2008


Andrew Sullivan had a recent series of blog posts that made me laugh out loud--something I'm not prone to doing unless it's a real zinger. The subject:

Why do people touch their own lips?

One of his readers wrote:

I say this as a retired psychotherapist of many years. The reason we touch our lips is to see if we are still there. It is out of insecurity. The most basic first experience was oral contact with our mother. Our mouths were the first sensory experience that we had, was our first contact with the world. It is our most basic way of identifying ourselves and our existence.
While another one retorted with my lol moment:
Dunno about you young moist-behind-your-ears folks, but us old folks touch our lips to make sure our damned dentures are properly set.
I'd buy that second guy a drink, but I'd be afraid they'd slip out and fall into the beer mug.

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Its dangerous business walking... said...

hahaha that's pretty hilllllarious.
i wish i had dentures...