Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cycling Log: Love/Hate Relationship

Which is what I have with Bicycling Magazine. For instance, there's this nugget from their training archives:

"...many cyclists may benefit more from a simple heart-rate monitor, though power-meter users will still see unique training improvements."
Followed later by this article:
"New research finds trouble with HR zone training."
Well, that clears that right up...

I'll stick with Merckx: Ride Lots.

Spin easy, friends.


SLC said...

Has Mr. Lungren seen a picture of what Mr. Merckx looks like today? There was photograph posted of the 5 time Tour de France winners {except Jacques Anquetil who died in 1987) and Mr. Merckx was substantially over weight.

Cycle Ninja said...

SLC, I could lose 110 pounds and still be a Clydesdale. Trust me, Merckx and Greg LeMond look like they could still compete compared to my sorry ass.

Its dangerous business walking... said...

I like the "Ride Lots." in fact... my bike computer's been busted now since last fall.... :/

But that's Okay.. I've done enough riding to know that the loop up around Cameron School Rd is 17, the one up to Gilbert is 20... out to the radio tower and back 40... Ledges and back is 45... Pilot Mound 55... etc.
If yer real good at math you can figure out your "best times" and "average speed" otherwise, you can judge your ride quality by how gross your jersey smells afterward.


SLC said...

I saw a recent picture of Greg Lemond with his son and he still looks pretty good for a man now in his 50s.