Thursday, August 14, 2008

Required reading for Catholics

Greg Laden's take on the charges against Webster Cook being dismissed. Cook was the one who started a stir by not consuming a Catholic Eucharist, and received death threats and expulsion-level charges of misconduct at the University of Central Florida. Laden's blog contains a letter from Cook's friend, Benjamin Collard, that is really spot-on:

"This may be cliche, but the catholic league should consult the WWJD bracelets that became popular during the 1990's. For some reason I am having trouble picturing Jesus, lobbying a school board to have a student expelled or suspended. When I think of what Jesus may have done in this situation- I picture a man trying to talk with, seek understanding from, and attempt to educate Mr. Cook regarding the incident, not a person who would seek vengeance if they felt that they were wronged."

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