Monday, August 4, 2008

Eatough wins 24-Solo Worlds

Feel like riding a mountain bike 24 hours straight? Me, neither. But Chris Eatough is another animal.

For a guy who's won 7 out of the last 9 of these races, that might sound like a "Dog bites Man" headline, but Velonews makes it sound like a hell of a race.

For those of us who love the movie 24 Solo, I'd give a lot to see this race come out in movie format. I really hope there were camera crews on hand.

Oh, Pua Sawicki won the women's title in a rout. This lady face-planted into a boulder a number of years ago. Ugly, ugly injury from which she completely recovered. Brace yourself if you follow that link, the story is a bit gruesome.

Oh, and one of the reasons I love that movie, 24 Solo, is that Chris Eatough is one of the brightest and classiest athletes you'll ever meet. Neat guy.

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