Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain concedes

"Despite our differences, we are fellow Americans."

Well said, sir.

The crowd's reaction was interesting. They booed Obama at first, until he gestured to knock it off. They got it. They showed respect from this point forward.

I think this is the difference between Obama and Bush: a restoration of dignity and respect to the White House. It's about time.

Oh, crap, Palin got the biggest applause yet. Ladies and gentlemen, behold your future Republican party. I think she and Elizabeth Hasselbeck should have their own Fox show. It'd be a drool-fest for neocons.

Wow, is that Jim Brady in the crowd of McCain's speech? I haven't seen him in forever.

McCain conducted himself with class in his concession speech, anyway. One wonders if this is his swan song. He'll be 74 around the time of re-election, and he might not win even if he chooses to run. All I know is this, he can take a break and grab some sleep.

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