Friday, May 22, 2009

Jesus Wept

One of the problems with blogging about the evil of the Catholic Church's aristocracy is that there's such a wealth of material it can be hard to keep up. And it's been a busy few days for disgusting behavior on the part of the Funny Hat Posse (aka Child Rape, Inc.). My outrage over the Catholic Church has been flaring up again, and I'm out of cortisone creme, so here comes the rant.

PZ Myers has been on a roll lately--documenting this stuff, commenting with a shameless ease to which I can only aspire and envy--and I can't add to any of it, but here's a summary:

  • Those rosary beads you're using? They might have been made by victims of rapist priests. In Ireland, no less.
  • The Catholic League's Bill Donohue basically says, "Oh, that was SO last year..."
  • The new archbishop of Westminster and his pal, cardinal Murphy-O'Conner respond to the crisis by saying the sources of all evil in the world are (brace yourself) atheists.
  • And in what can only be called a coincidence that almost makes me believe in providence, the Pope is now on Facebook and iPod. (Via Greg Laden)
"The walls of our churches are painted by the greatest artists of all time," (Rev. Paolo) Padrini said. "This means that the church has always invested in the culture of each period, using the best instruments available to communicate with people."
So, here is your homework, boys and girls: since the Vatican has come right out and said they want to communicate with the people, let's indulge them.

  • Let's ask Ratzinger why he thinks changing his name makes him any harder to see through for the evil face of this vile behavior that he is.
  • Let's ask him for clarification on his Crimen Sollicitationis ruling, which essentially declared any investigation of priest-rape to be confidential and not for publication.
  • Let's talk about the scandals among the diocese of Fairbanks, where the Jesuits have been dumping their two-legged predators on the Alaskan wilderness to rape the local natives without surcease.
  • Let's inquire about the letters that date back to 1952 by an insider, urging the Church Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic to chuck these vermin out of their ranks because the investigator (correctly) stated they were incurable. Let's further ask why pope Paul VI ignored the same advice when that self-same insider spoke to him personally at the Vatican in the 60s.
  • And more to the point, let's ask him why the holy gibbering fuck the Church has any right to flinch away from criticism given this widespread and completely institutional reflex to suppress the scandal rather than deal with the problem!!!!! It's been going on for too long. You have no right to bitch anymore about people hurting your feelings.
And while we're at it, children, let's throw in a math assignment by laying odds about whether the really tough questions will ever get to Ratzinger in the first place. I lay those odds at about infinity+1:1.

(Unfiltered rant: I want to once, just once, see one of these criminal scumfucks who cover for the rapists go to prison. Not the rapists themselves, but the enablers and coverup artists who get promoted for it. I'm looking at you, Cardinals Law and George. And I want to see priests treated with open suspicion to their faces. Not rudeness, per se, but I want people to start asking a hell of a lot of hard questions until these creeps get the point.)

(looks placidly at the class)
Any questions?


Interrobang said...

No question, Professor CycleNinja, but I did want to add that the same scumbags who were molesting kids in Ireland (the Christian Brothers order) were also raping and beating boys in Newfoundland, Canada. People there knew about the abuse for almost 20 years before anything was done, because when it first came out, the Catholic Church essentially owned the provincial government.

At least one of the perpetrators escaped under cover of darkness and hasn't been seen since.

The legal battles are still going on (despite a court ruling in favour of the victims in 1992!) because somehow or other, the order "lost" $100M in assets and declared bankruptcy, just about the time when the Canadian federal government was ordering compensation paid. Apparently it takes the Catholic Church a long time to figure out what happened to $100M in property and similar tangibles...

Cycle Ninja said...


Yeah, that's all too typical. I actually got a letter from my former diocese a couple years ago asking whether I was eligible for a class-action suit against them. Unfortunately for me, I am neither a victim/survivor of priestly sexual abuse nor am I able to maintain a coherent lie, or else I'd be after them for their money.

Thanks for the comment. Check back often.