Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Jon & Kate Freak Show

I don't do much tv of any kind, let alone reality tv. (Well, OK...Cops). So I'd be in a hotel room someplace for my job and I'd run into this program with an Asian-heritage guy and his blond wife with a shit-ton of kids running around and wonder what the point of the show was.

Turns out the point of the show was to showcase an Asian-heritage guy and his blond wife and their shit-ton of kids running around.


Well, now that Jon-n-Kate are on the verge of sorting out divorce and visitation rights for 8 kids, Dan Savage has an excellent commentary over on Slog:

"Twice I've been offered—twice—a "reality show" about my family life. One was for the same fee Jon & Kate are getting: 50K per episode. All we'd have to do is allow camera crews into our home, allow them to follow the kid around, allow them to follow me around at work and Terry at home. "Insanely permissive sex columnist by day," went one of the pitches, "strictly traditional dad by night." I didn't have to ask the boyfriend: I turned both offers down flat. A reality show? I wouldn't do that to my boyfriend, I wouldn't do that to our kid, I wouldn't do that to myself. And if I had been tempted by the offers—it was a lot of money—just the look on my boyfriend's face when I told him about the first offer—an offer I'd already turned down—made it clear that my saying "yes" to a reality show meant saying "hello" to his Canadian divorce lawyer."
Smart guy.

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