Sunday, March 2, 2008

Walking, wincing wounded

Being hurt sucks.

I went out for a real, honest ride last weekend, felt pretty good, and (typically) paid for it.

I was riding south on that lovely, lovely new asphalt road near my home, decided I'd try a couple of town-sign sprints to see how I was feeling, and ended up with a stiff back the next day. I figured I'd try to loosen it up by riding the bike on the trainer for half an hour or so to fit my new saddle. Two days later, I had to go home from work at lunchtime because my back hurt so much, I couldn't sit upright in my office chair. And yes, it's still stiff, but I was able to go for long walks yesterday and today, so I'm not crippled yet.

The point is, prevention. There are all kinds of good articles about core training for cyclists. Like this one. Use 'em. This is the one time when a cyclist does NOT want to suffer.

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