Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Discovery Institute attacked by--John Derbyshire?!

You know, when a hard-right-wing chowderhead attacks you for being dishonest...

Helping to defend creationist school boards in federal courts is not the Discovery Institute's game. Their game is to (a) make money from those spurious "textbooks" they put out, and (b) keep creationism in the news so that they don't run out of lecture gigs and wealthy funders. So far as those legal bills are concerned, Discovery Institute policy is: Let the dumb rubes fund their own stupid lawsuits.
Remember, Derbyshire is the same guy who took a potshot at the victims of the shooting at Virginia Tech last year for not giving a better accounting of themselves. This guy is calling BS on the Discovery Institute for being a bunch of kooks.

Remember kids, Intelligent Design is code for "dishonesty."

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