Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cycling log: New Bike City part 2

Well, the new bike quest continues. This would be the part in the Indiana Jones movie where there would be an airplane flying over the world map, with a big, animated arrow pointing to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

I got in touch with John Cariveau (rhymes with caribou) of Moots's marketing department the other night. My initial email had been caught in his junk mail filter, so he was a bit delayed in getting back to me, but all is forgiven. What he did was he emailed back a print-out proposal of the new rig, basically with a shorter top tube and a longer head tube. For the laymen, that means the handlebars will be position higher and closer to me than normal. Since comfort is the goal here, that's fine with me, as long as the handling properties don't suffer. And he said they'd go with large-diameter tubes to make sure the bike absorbs vibration and provides sufficient stiffness. Music to my ears.

Meanwhile, I also put out a feeler to Litespeed just on the off chance Moots didn't get back to me in timely fashion. I got a voicemail from them in my cell phone inbox today. Three things struck me about the voicemail: I couldn't quite understand the salesman's pronunciation of his own name, he forgot the 800 toll-free number and had to give me the direct-dial number, and he forgot to mention he was with Litespeed Bikes!!! I know I'm picking nits, but basics, people!

Next step: wait for Steve Lauber to get back from some place in Wisconsin where they make some bikes, or something.

Spin easy, friends.

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