Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cycling Log: New Bike City Part 3

It's official.

I signed off yesterday on the new Moots. So like I told my boss, if you see me walking around with a look of equal parts giddy anticipation and financial anxiety, you'll know why.

Steve from Bike World was nice enough to put me up on the trainer yesterday to make sure my saddle position is adequate. Because I use such an unusual design for the saddle (Adamo Road from ISM), it essentially has to be pushed all the way to the rear on my seat post. And even then, it could stand to go back another centimeter or so. But like Steve said, given the geometry of the new bike, we can always change the post and worry about everything else later. And if I do switch to a different type of saddle, the geometry will be nicely neutral.

So I signed off on the drawing and faxed it back to Moots. Jon gave me a call later that afternoon to see if there were any additional features I wanted on top of the standard water bottle cage mounts. I told him I needed a mounting bracket for the nitrous oxide bottle, too. Seriously, is there a road rider out there who thinks his/her bike is really fast enough?

So the bad news is, I'm making my credit card company happy--again (and I do have a great credit score, if I do say so myself). The good news is, the only parts I'm now lacking are the stem and the handlebars, and those should be rectified within two weeks. (Open comment to Profile Design: I saw those handlebars in the January issue of Triathlete Magazine, ordered them back in March, and they're still not available? What gives?)

There will be a new bike party come mid-October for my faithful friends (or, rather, the ones who enjoy a free barbecue and beer).

Spin easy friends.

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