Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ricky Williams, Holistic Healer?

No, it's not a joke about smoking pot. From the New York Times:

"The latest milepost on what Ricky Williams calls his spiritual journey is an acupuncture and massage college tucked inside a strip mall, above a video store, next to sandwich and liquor shops.

Here, where the study hall is named after the philosopher Lao Tzu and one room contains some 300 Chinese herbs, Williams is a massage therapist in training, a running back who generally hopes to avoid contact on the football field now seeking his license to touch.

To Williams, 32, this represents another step toward a career in holistic healing and away from his self-described reputation as “the poster child for marijuana.” The process has been messy and public and shaped into an all-too-familiar narrative: superstar spits on the American dream, travels the world in search of enlightenment and returns reformed."
I have ZERO problem with a pro athlete looking ahead to his/her post-athletic career. Most of them don't, to their considerably detriment.

But holistic medicine and acupuncture? Grrr....

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