Thursday, July 16, 2009

Further Proof That Comic Books Are Intellectually Bankrupt

Before I move on, let me set the record straight: I consider the two Batman movies with Christian Bale and the Iron Man flick with Robert Downey, Jr. to be three of the best movies I've ever seen. Because they're action movies that remembered the first rule of good moviemaking: It's the storyline, stupid!

But now this:

"On Monday, Marvel Studios announced that Natalie Portman has been added to the cast of the upcoming big-budget Thor flick, scheduled to begin production early next year. She'll play "an updated version" of Jane Foster, a character who served as love interest for both the God of Thunder and his earthly alter-ego, Dr. Don Blake, back in the Thor comic's early years."
Further proof that now that Marvel has its own movie studio, it's even more determined than ever to make a movie out of EVERY SINGLE MARVEL CHARACTER EVER PUT TO INK! And in the case of Spider Man 3, stuffing as many of the villains into one movie as you can, thus watering the soup in the process.

Folks, do you think it's about time to put Stan Lee to pasture and let some fresh blood into the mix?

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