Thursday, August 6, 2009

DART Atheist Bus Signs Pulled For "Controversy"

Yeah, because this

is REALLY controversial.

"Atheist advertising signs on Des Moines Area Regional Transit buses that created a storm of controversy when they first went up on Aug. 1 have been taken down.

Officials with DART said the signs were not supposed to be on the buses in the first place.

DART's advertising director said the board never approved the signs and that they were put up by mistake. The Iowa Atheist and Free Thinkers group said the advertising director told them that the signs had been approved."

Help us out, please. Write these people and ask them what's so controversial about any of this?


Steph A said...

Ugh, this is so dumb. Here's my rant, if you're interested.

Cycle Ninja said...

Thanks, Steph. The way I see it is, we got 'em running scared.