Friday, September 25, 2009

A Birther Infomercial, No Less

The only appropriate response is, are these people fucking kidding me?

A new birther infomercial running on a CBS affiliate in Texas and elsewhere around the country tells viewers a "got a birth certificate?" bumper sticker can be theirs for the low price of $30...For a $30 contribution, viewers also get a fax sent in their name to the 50 state attorneys general and Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that President Obama produce his real birth certificate.
Let's see yours, first, Jethro. And then I'll continue to question your citizenship, to see how YOU like it.

It should come as no surprise at all that these reality-denying twats are True Believers:

The program was produced by, a Web site affiliated with Bill Keller, a fundamentalist Christian minister who also hosts the infomercial.

Imprisoned in the late 1980s after an insider trading conviction, Keller later committed his life to God, attended Liberty University in Virginia, and founded Bill Keller Ministries, according to his bio. was "founded for the sole purpose of having a site on the internet where people can go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for prayer."

Besides being a forum for prayer requests, features the Birther infomercial and a "False Hope" program advertised with a picture of Obama crudely photoshopped next to Hitler. Keller has called Islam a "false religion that follows a false god that will lead them to eternal condemnation."

Oh, that's going to leave a mark.

For those of you too gob-smacked by teh crayzee to remember, Liberty University is Jerry Falwell's diploma mill for the easily indoctrinated. I wonder if they have any kind of library, since you only have to know one book...

I think I'll save my $30 for a copy of Richard Dawkins' The Greatest Show On Earth, thanks.

Via Sullivan.