Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halo: ODST Trailer

You're about to watch about a million-bucks-a-minute worth of video game commercial.

And as my friend, Tim, said, it's worth it. Almost nothing except the human faces and the first few scenes is real--it's all CGI. Enjoy


Computer Accessories said...

lolololol faggot. really? i own both consoles and when i only owned a ps3 i was never jelous of halo. ie had my 360 for months now and still havent bought a halo game. im getting this obviously but still. im not a fan boy by any means either, i am going to get most of my future games on 360 but never was i jelous of halo. if anything my friends were jelous of uncharted, killzone, MGS4, and little big planet

Anonymous said...

Wow. War sure is awesome!

Cycle Ninja said...


Were you ever made aware of the fact that you CAN state a different opinion without name-calling? I never said anything about whether or not I liked the games, just the trailer. And how is my sexual orientation (which you got wrong) at all reflected in my choice of video games (or in this case, promotional videos)?

And yes, I know all about the whole "Faggot" meme and /b/tards and whatnot. I think it's stupid and unimaginative. So come up with something creative--preferably using correct spelling and grammar--if you're going to impress me.


Yeah, the Hollywood version of war, anyway. Which is why I re-read "All Quiet on the Western Front" about once a year to remind myself what it's really like.

Anonymous said...

Hey, no offense, I like videogames too. Especially ones like Halo.

But it's a bit of a guilty pleasure when shown imagery like this one... you get the notion that young men are being raised for the meat grinder.

Cycle Ninja said...


Perhaps I wasn't being clear...I caught what you were trying to say, and I was agreeing with you. In a bit of an obscure way, perhaps, but yeah, I agree completely.

If you want an interesting read on video games and violence, read the book "On Killing" by David Grossman. It's worth a look.