Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rachel Maddow And The F-22 (c)Raptor

Look, I have a near-fetish for fighter jets myself. But this is RM at her best.


Steve said...

Why not sell them to Iran? Offer to supply spare parts?

Anonymous said...

I have a serious girl crush on this woman.

Reticuli said...

Rachel Maddow knows zero about fighter jets. She should stick to analyzing the healthcare debate. She claimed it has no radio. False. It is only shut off from emitting when under "emmissions control" during stealth ops. The mentioned instances of a software glitch with the international dateline and the canopy not opening (had to be cut off) were isolated and fixed. All aircraft have growing pains as they are developed. Know anything about Superhornets or the A320 series that landed in the Hudson? Furthermore, the allegation of rain damaging the aircraft and paint chipping off is from a disgruntled former employee's lawsuit that contends dishonesty on Lockheed's part over a decade ago. Not much relevence now when they've gone from the prototype to the actual production models. Oh, and ever heard of the Su-35 or the PAK FA? JSF is not just a cheaper F-22 and can't fill the air dominance role unless we're so lucky as to only go up against 20th century aircraft. If you plan for the future only to fight the kind of wars you're fighting now (like terrorists) you're putting the future military at a disadvantage.