Friday, January 4, 2008

Hello, world.

For my friends without MySpace accounts, here's my damn blog site, already. Sheesh.

Anyway, content... I attended my first Iowa caucus last night as an actual participant rather than as a news reporter (man, that was a long time ago). Interesting process, but it can really take a long time if you let it. We had ours at the local middle school, and there were so many of us Obama supporters that they asked us to walk down one of the halls and line up there so it'd be easier to get a head count. A little inconvenient, and we had to wait 20 minutes or so to get all the apostates from the other candidates settled in, but it also meant that the guy had plenty of support.

And it certainly has been entertaining listening to the candidates trying to spin things this morning. The Bitch said her loss was all the fault of the caucus process itself (never mind the fact that she DID leave with a certain number of delegates, the sore loser). And Romney The Robot has apparently programmed his droids to try to synthesize gold out of diarrhea in the PR department. Most amusing.

Oh, and how's the Huckabee bashing coming along, Comedian?

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Such-Great-Heights said...

Yah see our caucus experience was so much different in precinct 4-4....the old richardson court area of campus. There were 20 of us....which is unfortunate, because 3000+ students live there....hopefully they caucused at their home town.