Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fisking Steve King

Not the author, the US Congressman from Iowa (R-Dumbfuckistan). This is the latest idiocy that our answer to Rick Santorum vomited forth:

"The values we have we pour through marriage into our children and into the next generation. Our religious values. Our values of faith. Our values. Our work ethic. Our entire culture comes through a man and a woman joined in holy matrimony, being blessed with children and pouring those values into the children and then living vicariously through them as they go off and we are blessed with grandchildren."
And this:
"I still believe that is the most important value. But I also recognize that if we don’t save marriage, we can’t remain pro-life."
Ed Brayton lets him have it:
"(T)his really has nothing to do with "protecting families," it has to do with destroying families that do not fit the blueprint that the Good and the Righteous want them to fit. They think gays are icky and cursed by God and therefore we should do everything we can to make their lives miserable so they'll stop being icky and gay and start being Good and Righteous. This is all quite absurd, of course, but given the lack of reasoning skills of those who believe it, that is probably a point in its favor."
Some people wonder what kind of argument King was making in his "if we don't save marriage, we can't remain pro-life" remark. Don't read too much into this. He's using the emotionally-charged buzzwords that will "rally the base" as Karl Rove would say. In short, he's relying on the emotionally gullible and critically-thinking-challenged to go all gooey and get him re-elected. Because it worked so well with Republicans in 2006 and 2008.

The hilarious thing is, there's a Facebook group for those who support this 'tard for Governor next year. Guys, go right ahead--he's the one Republican who could practically guarantee Culver's re-election.

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Its dangerous business walking... said...

oooh I can't WAIT to get to pour values into my child.

Values of acceptance, OH MY!!
Values of understanding, EEEEEEEK!!!
Values of respect!??!? WTF!??!?????

Gah i'm going to be a terrible parent... instilling such blasphemy into my child.