Friday, October 3, 2008

Political candidate: Kill teh gayz!

From Sudbury, Ontario:

Police are investigating whether an independent federal candidate committed a hate crime by telling high school students homosexuals should be executed.

David Popescu was invited to participate in a federal candidates' discussion at Sudbury Secondary School on Tuesday. He made the comment after a student asked his opinion of gay marriage...

"We are actively conducting a criminal investigation in this matter," deputy police chief Frank Elsner said.

Nice to see someone in this world is sane enough to cut to the chase. And one gay person absolutely hit it out of the yard:

"I think sometimes violence and hatred towards gays and lesbians gets dressed up in sort of a religious guise and is somehow tolerated. I just don't think it should be tolerated at all."
Exactly. It's bigotry, no matter what "holy" book you think is sacrosanct.

HT: Pharyngula.

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