Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rolling Stone on John McCain

A typically, marvelously comprehensive article. And it should be no surprise that the McCain camp wanted no part of talking to the press. But the money quote is this:

"In some respects, I'm not sure that's the kind of character I want sitting in the Oval Office. I'm not sure that much time in a prisoner-of-war status doesn't do something to you. Doesn't do something to you psychologically, doesn't do something to you that might make you a little more volatile, a little less apt to listen to reason, a little more inclined to be volcanic in your temperament."
That's Larry Wilkerson, US Army Colonel (ret.), former chief of staff of Secretary of State Colin Powell.

And there are plenty of anecdotes that McCain didn't change nearly as much as you thought after getting out. The opening piece speaks of McCain revealing he was looking for a trip to Rio on Navy business...because he stood a better chance of getting laid. And it also speaks of a time when he was arrested as a teenager for cursing out two girls who had laughed in his face at his attempts as a pickup artist. THAT should make the Sarah Palin nomination all the more apparent as the prop that it is.

Oh, and read about his "heroics" on the USS Forestall, too


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