Thursday, October 30, 2008

A smart ad on gay marriage

I've been in Louisiana all week, and I'm catching up on Andrew Sullivan's blog. This ad on Proposition 8 in California (which would overturn their Supreme Court's decision to allow gay marriage) is a smart piece of commentary:

Notice how they cut the rug out from under the argument by pretending that instead of gay marriage, they're talking about interracial marriage, instead? And the in-your-face ending, "Vote no on Proposition Hate" cuts right to the heart of the issue. This isn't about some abstraction like defending marriage, it's about giving the finger to people who hate gays. These people are pathetic and need a swift kick in the ideological teeth.

As a former broadcaster, this is an excellent piece. It's well-conceived, smartly written, and absolutely calls out the other side on the main issues: Bigotry and hatred.

Good work, kids.

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