Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I haz kitteh!

Meet Boo:

My friend, Jen, cat-sitting for a few minutes:

(Jen was kind enough to stay with putty tat while I made a flying trip to the grocery store to get some kitty supplies.)

The story is this: Boo is the former resident of the Tim Lundgren household in Burlington. She was the bosom companion of the two older children, especially the daughter. Unfortunately, child #3 came along, and all of a sudden everyone's attention got divided further. Boo got bitchy, to the point of hissing at Mom and even biting the little boy (age 2). Either the little boy or the cat had to go, and we all know who wins that argument.

So Tim and family came up to Des Moines to see my mother Sunday, and brought a fur ball with them. Boo was most unhappy about being cooped up in a pet carrier for, oh, 6 hours (not that I blame her).

Fortunately, having a grown-up cat as opposed to a kitten means no breaking in the litter-box stage. She knows where that is, already. She's eating out of my Tupperware bowls until I can get to Pet Smart in Ankeny for some real supplies.

My friends have more or less said they think it's great that I have a companion to come home to now. They're right--I have to admit, I had a kinda rough day yesterday for a variety of reasons (none of which are truly serious, and I'll get through them) but having that little fuzz-face crawl up in my lap and soothe me did a world of good.

Now I just need to find a woman who's not allergic to cats.

PS: For those of you who don't understand the spelling of this blog post title, go here for a feel for how LOL cats work.


Bethany Porter said...

I'm so happy for you! I have a little fuzz face, myself, and you're right - it's the best thing ever to have that little snot around - she's the only thing on the planet who is ALWAYS happy to see me!

Cycle Ninja said...

I agree...especially when the litter box needs cleaning. Talk about having incentive for routine in your life...

Such-Great-Heights said...

Not that I am your kind of woman, but I am not allergic! I am glad that you have a kitty now! They are absolutely wonderful to come home to after a long day at work.

Cycle Ninja said...

Yeah, you're right; women who enjoy fishing do nothing for me...

She's a complete lap-kitty, I might add. She hates to be picked up and held, but she won't stay off my lap any longer than it takes her to eat, drink, or use the litter box.