Saturday, December 13, 2008

ISU football coach slinks off to Auburn.

Coaching. Fail.

ISU A.D. Jamie Pollard captured the zeitgeist quite effectively:

"I understand that it (Auburn) is a dream job for him, but the timing and the way it played out has been hurtful and disappointing. Although this is a significant set back, we will get through the challenge because the Iowa State University athletics program is far greater than one person."
Or, as Gregg Easterbrook is fond of saying, when you hire a coach who's in it for himself, you end up getting a coach who's in it for himself. Good riddance.

And how desperate is Auburn to go after a guy who won two games this season? Aren't big-time sports factories like that supposed to hire coaching talent? Who was in charge of their search committee, Nick Saban?

I think I'm going to a hockey game...

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Its dangerous business walking... said...

I don't blame Chizick (sp?? see how much i know...) at all! ...I say its the...its that they changed the damn ISU athletic department logo. We're nothing w/o Cy!!!

btw. my "word verification" word is "priest" ...thought i'd share. hahahaha.