Friday, April 11, 2008

More Catholic bigotry

I know, I what else is new?

Corvino's presentation "What's Morally Wrong with Homosexuality?" was scheduled last week at the college, but administrators postponed it until April 22 after receiving complaints.

Aquinas President Ed Balog canceled the event Thursday, saying the Catholic school cannot endorse a program that directly opposes church teachings.

Yeah, like the teaching that there's more to a person's sexuality than is spelled out in the Bible. Or that the whole of the church's sexual doctrine is based on a bunch of sex-phobic creeps like St. Augustine ("Grant me chastity and continence, only not yet."--Wikipedia).

Or that the church's attitude toward women is so obviously warped they couldn't conceive (har) of their savior's mother having normal sexual intercourse. And if you had any doubts about that misogyny (a word I don't use often), BOTH abortion AND birth control are still sins in Catholic doctrine. You can't kill it, but you can't use modern, proven, reliable, SCIENTIFIC means to prevent its conception, either. So you're saying the only birth control a woman has at her disposal is either crossing her legs or crossing her fingers? (And don't talk to me about the "rhythm method", either. The rhythm method is to birth control as draft animals are to planting your crops. It may get the job done, kinda/sorta, but there are better, more reliable, more SCIENTIFIC means of getting the fucking job done).

It's been said before and it needs to be reinforced...Jesus never said one god-damned thing about homosexuality. It's the gay-bashers who quote-mine scriptures for justification and ignore the "love one another" stuff when it doesn't suit them.

For the final fucking time, you fucking idiot clergy, you keep the fuck out of the private lives of consenting adults. You've done enough damage to non-consenting altar boys that you have no right to speak out EVER AGAIN on the subject of sexual morality.

The end.

(via--who else?--Sullivan)


joel said...

The Catholic Church is a business. If you aren't pumping out babies every year, they don't get future members (aka $$$$).

Anne Hanna said...

I don't think I could possibly add anything to what you've said here.

But if you really wanna make yourself sick, try wading through JPII's "Theology of the Body", a physically weighty but intellectually vaporous tome in which the late Keeper of the Keys of Peter brutally tortures the Catholic Bible until it tells him what he wants to hear — "No, really, our policies aren't misogynist at all! It's the secularists who are the misogynists!" I've been reading it lately as part of a bargain with my Catholic mother, and just, eesh. The man could sure play some impressive word games, but there's not an ounce of substance in the whole thing.

At least your "getting the fucking job done" made me laugh, so the day isn't a total waste. :)