Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bicycles and Bambi

Uh, no, I haven't acquired a pole-dancer for a girlfriend. Yet. I'm talking about the type of Bambi that Ted Nugent would draw down on.

I went for a ride this evening after I got home. I felt ashamed to be driving to work, because it was 40 degrees and a driving rain...and a REAL cyclist wants to get into the spirit of Paris-Roubaix, which is this coming weekend (and yes, they're forcasting that the cobblestones will be nice and slippery. Fun!)

Anyway, I went for a casual ride after getting home, geared up in my "cold" gear of tights, long-sleeve base, jacket, hood, the works.

Man, did I roast. The rain stopped and the sun came out as I went out. My jacket would still be wet with sweat if I hadn't washed and dried everything when I got home.

But the thing that makes me an old softie is this: as I was riding through the park just east of the ISU soccer fields, I heard branches snapping in the trees to the right of me. Glancing over, I noticed a deer running parallel to the bike path. Neat!

Then I saw that it was a small HERD of them. I'm not very good at riding in one direction and looking another (nobody is, really), but I saw three clearly, all moving along at a very decent clip.

And yes, it's true that part of the charm of being on a bicycle or a motorcycle is the fact that you're closer to nature, and yes, that can also be overrated (think bugs hitting you in the back of the throat). But I found this particular little riding company to be pretty neat.

Spin easy, friends.

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Such-Great-Heights said...

That herd of deer are pretty active in that can see them laying in the grasses most mornings until around 9am...and on rainy/wet evenings they are known to come across the street to the intramural fields/MWL area and nibble on the grass.

How they get across four lanes of traffic unscathed, I am not quite sure.

Neat ride!