Friday, April 18, 2008

Scientology scares the hell out of me.

Personal note: I actually read Dianetics when I was an idiot college freshman. Here's a snappy quote from its author to his flock:

"You can't be shot for what you have done, you can only be shot for what you haven't told us." --L. Ron Hubbard
I'm just as guilty as anyone else of seeing Tom Cruise as (at best) a somewhat silly man who landed a fluffy-headed little lovestruck girl for his bride, or (at worst) a real, certifiable weirdo with delusions of grandeur.

It's worse than that. If you read nothing else about Scientology, read this. Screw religious tolerance...these people are criminals. The German government was dead-bang on when it declared these freaks to be a cult, and its former celebrity members are now starting to make their stories known. is to Scientology what is to Creationism. Check them both out.

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