Monday, July 7, 2008

Bernard Hinault's body check.

As in cross-checking a nitwit protestor...

Don’t say the Bernard Hinault has lost any of his punch with old age. Just as Samuel Dumoulin was stepping atop the podium to accept his prize as the day’s winner, a protester dressed in a neon yellow vest jumped in front of the pint-sized and raised his arms in defiance. Hinault — who works with the Tour organization and appears daily on the podium to present the day’s awards — quickly sprung into action and shoved the hapless protester off the front of the stage. Tour goons swarmed and shuttled him out of the way. The five-time Tour winner received a rousing applause for his quick thinking.
What do you want to lay odds that if the protester was German, the result would have been a lot different? (Yeah, I know, I'm a bad liberal for perpetuating stereotypes.)

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