Monday, July 28, 2008

Cycling log: New Bike City


And so the cycle (pun intended) of expensive bikes begins anew.

For the past year-ish I have been collecting the carefully-selected components of my next bike, which was supposed to be my dream bike. Mostly Shimano Dura Ace components, carefully selected saddle, carbon handlebars shaped to not pinch off the nerves, and so on.

A few such components made their way onto my current aluminum road bike, seen in the blog picture to the right. And now that I've got THAT thing as good as one can reasonably make it...I gotta have better.

So I went into Bike World today and arranged for Steve to bring up their Waterford Cycles fitting cycle, and so I anticipate a lovely evening tomorrow spent spinning in place while Steve looks on with a tape measure. Bike fitting is a very similar process to tailoring a suit, because a little custom tweaking for the individual can make all the difference. Or at least, you tell yourself that...

And as to the frame of the new steed, Moots is the current front-runner, a titanium (Ti) frame from Steamboat Springs, CO which comes highly recommended.

I had originally planned to do this for next year, but with bike prices climbing like Contador, I decided to jump the gun to this fall. Hopefully, I'll have a new bike by my birthday in mid-October.

And if my buddy, Kim, is willing to lend her photography skills, I might just throw together a photo album. How 'bout it, Tri Samurai?

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Its dangerous business walking... said...

Holla' son,
you know where its at. Through the lense. we'll make that beast look like the...thousands of dollars its worth. haha.
I'll have to refrain from making my O noise while i take the pictures though hahaha...
was that inappropriate?