Friday, September 12, 2008

Charlie Gibson interview with Palin

I just called Gibson a lap dog in my previous post, but the fact of the matter is that Gibson is actually the right person to be interviewing the lipstick-laden pit bull. For the simple reason: he's the type of interviewer who will give Palin the chance to give herself ample rope with which to hang herself. She's already leaving herself wide open to criticism and a review of her record. So all Gibson needs to do is get her to answer questions openly (if not honestly--she's been coached too well for that) and then the REAL reporters out there (in the blogosphere and the few remaining in the media) will pounce all over the inconsistencies and outright lies. So we'll see how the pit bull handles the wolf pack.

Oh, gee, I hope I'm not being sexist...

Speaking of which, here's what I'd like to see. If the McCain camp is hiding behind charges of sexism (a deliberate dodge and one of the reasons they chose this chick) I'd like to see Palin agree to a press conference with an all-female press corps. Let's let, say, Cokie Roberts ask Sarah Palin why her family should be off limits when she's trying to limit--if not eliminate--reproductive rights for families all over the country. Have Andrea Mitchell ask why her daughter's pregnancy should be off limits when she's trying to limit the availabillity of contraceptives to teenagers all over the country. Have a lesbian like Rachael Maddow ask Palin why she still belongs to a church that is marketing a "pray away the gay" program. Hell, toss in Robin Roberts to ask her why the latest attack ad about Obama allegedly supporting comprehensive sex ed for Kindergartners fits in with her views about abstinence-only education, and how well that worked with her own kid.

Here's the question I'd ask if I could:

"Governor Palin, you've stated that you are proud of your daughter and her decision to bear and raise her child, noting the fact that she came up with that decision herself. Would you also have been proud of her if her decision had been to have an abortion?"

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