Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lieberman faces censure by Conn. Democrats

Looks like Joe "Benedict Arnold" Lieberman might be facing censure by the Connecticut Democratic Party. He lost his own primary in 2006, won his Senate seat on an "Independent" ticket, and caucuses with the D's in the Senate. But he's got his tongue so far up John McCain's ass, he can almost taste that beer Cindy's family brews. And speaking at the Republican National Convention was the last straw:

The resolution says Lieberman's actions are "extraordinary disloyalty to countless Connecticut Democrats without whom his career as an elected official would never have been possible" and calls on state Democrats to ask him to resign from the party.

(Audrey) Blondin said Lieberman's speech at the Republican National Convention, in which he praised McCain and criticized Democrat Barack Obama, convinced her that state Democrats needed to take a stand.

Traslation: speak at the RNC if you want, but not as a registered Democrat. And lest you feel sorry for Jiltin' Joe:

"Honestly, I thought that was the kind of thing that happened only in the former Soviet Union. I understand that people are unhappy, but, you know, I'm doing something that I really believe."
Makes me want to puke in my soup. This is the worst kind of politician; he's willing to throw away any number of years of party affiliation because he hopes to be a big player--maybe even cabinet-level player--in a McCain administration, if he can only lick Mac's fingers for a handout. He knows the Obama administration wouldn't give him the time of day in comparison. And then he goes and compares the Democrats to the commies for calling him on his bullshit.

And he's Jewish!!!

Uh, Joe, did you bother to look up the term "pogrom" before you compared your own party members to the people who used to persecute your kindred? Never mind resigning from the Democrats, resign from the Senate. Before you resign completely from the human race.

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