Sunday, September 14, 2008

John McCain supports torture

Let's get this understood right here and now: torture is immoral, illegal, and ineffective in gathering good intelligence. But Americans now defend torture to a higher degree than any other civilized nation on Earth. According to a survey cited by Andrew Sullivan, 2 out of every 3 people in China denounce torture under all circumstances. 66%. In America, the number is 53%.

That's sickening.

And Sullivan hammers home one more point:

McCain was once a torture victim, but since 2006 has supported the torture of prisoners by the CIA. In fact, prisoners across the world who have been tortured by the CIA in the last two years can, in the terror of their cells, know that John McCain made it possible, by caving into the war criminals in the White House in 2006.
(Sullivan is referring to the Military Commissions Act of 2006. McCain in favor, Obama opposed.).

I have a personal story to share on this, and again, I won't name names. I had a conversation earlier this year with someone close to me who is a traditional Republican and conservative. I mentioned in so many words that I hated George W. Bush for what he had done to this country and its reputation. I was scolded for using the word hate, and told that such a feeling was "not Christian of you." (This was before I became more vocal about my atheistic mindset). But then I tried to counter-attack by pointing out the fact that we tortured people in Guantanimo. This...person then proceeded to all but shout me down by demanding to know, "Were you there? WERE YOU THERE?!" Apparently eyewitness accounts are all that is acceptable for this devout Catholic who takes on faith the fact of Jesus' death, resurrection, and ascention into Heaven.

More from Sullivan on "Christian virtues."
(T)he key segment of the pro-torture enthusiasts are evangelical Christians. Yes: evangelical Christians are now the greatest supporters of doing to prisoners what was once done to Christ.
(Sullivan is Catholic, himself)

I have spoken to this person several times since. I have not yet demanded an apology. I am waiting patiently for one. I have also not forgiven, nor will I until and unless one is forthcoming.

The record of the Bush administration speaks for itself. They are shameless torture-mongers. And we have let them get away with it.

But so has John McCain. And for that reason alone, I will never vote for him. All the other reasons are simply icing on the cake.

PS: That means you, too, Senator Grassley. You need to be held accountable, too.

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