Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pope preaches against "pagan" love of money and power.

Does the term "projection" mean anything to you, Ratzinger?

"Benedict was making his first visit as pontiff to the French capital, renowned for its luxury goods, fashion sense and cultural riches."
I'd be willing to bet a few items of furniture in my house that the fucker was also in town to do a little shopping. Because we know what kind of shoes the guy prefers, right? Prada. With a fetish for expensive shoes and garish outfits that this clown has, the only question is when the accusations of dick-sucking are going to come out.

Fucking hypocrite. There are fewer things uglier than a man who has no material cares in the world, who can have fur-trimmed garments tailored to fit his body and done so at his convenience, to stand in front of an audience of commoners and to condemn materialism.

Anybody want to lay bets that they passed around a collection plate? And that these sheep in the audience did their holy duty by filling it?

I was struck by this sentence, however:
The 260,000 or so people who gathered on the lawns of the Esplanade des Invalides displayed a joyful outpouring of faith for this traditionally Roman Catholic country, which has witnessed a sharp decline in churchgoing in recent years.
That makes me happy. Maybe if the collections drop off enough, Ratz will have to settle for Gucci.

BTW: I refer to this dope as Ratzinger rather than Benedict (except in blockquotes) because I refuse to help glamorize a criminal by referring to his self-appointed alias. It made Pretty Boy Floyd and Billy the Kid a lot less scummy, and I'm not playing that game with some (alleged) child-molester-protector like THIS piece of garbage.


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