Friday, September 12, 2008

John McCain is a coward

Now McCain isn't doing press conferences, either:

"McCain’s new campaign strategy: staged rallies with thousands of supporters. Since announcing Sarah Palin as his VP choice on August 29, McCain’s has appeared at 11 rallies with his new running mate where both members of the ticket delivered a 10-15 minute stump speech."
And no press conferences (A certain lap dog named Charlie Gibson doesn't count, either. Real reporters use GMA as a springboard, not a career stop). You know, Matt Damon was right about one thing: these people seek to hold the activation codes of the US nuclear arsenal. My take: anyone who wants that much power and responsibility and doesn't feel they need to be accountable to answering tough questions from the people over whom they would hold that power doesn't deserve to ask those people for their votes.

HT: Sullivan.
One other thing: if the Republicans want to claim sexism, the best way to counter that is to have her hold a press conference of nothing but female reporters. Maybe Cokie Roberts could provide an excellent counter to Charlie Gibson.

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