Sunday, September 21, 2008

Republicans want to control your ovaries

One of the best blog posts PZ Myers ever had. It's about the R's attempts to control women by banning Plan B. This post shows Myers unquestionable mastery of biology and his unabashed, self-proclaimed "godless liberal" sensibilities. I'd prefer the term libertarian, but the point is, fight these evil bastards who think they can tell you how you can and cannot control your reproduction. Money quote:

It is a form of birth control that tells the woman's ovaries to hold off on releasing any eggs for a short while. It's called emergency contraception, because it is used by a woman who has, for whatever reason (rape, a broken condom, misplaced enthusiasm, second thoughts, anything) had unwanted sperm in her reproductive tract, and she wants to make sure that this isn't the moment her ovaries happen to pop a follicle.

Plan B is not an abortion.

Plan B doesn't help if one is already pregnant, and it doesn't affect any implanted zygotes....You'd have to be insane to object to Plan B.

Emphasis mine.

So, you think this is just liberal paranoia? Think again...the Bush-tards will do anything to mess with you.


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